Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Island Update

Some more progress on my island generator. I modified the shape of the island by thinking about how a slice of the island changes as it goes from mountain top to hills to dunes to beaches. So I divided up the island slice into those four sections and each has a slightly different curve to it. I used parts of a sine wave for the top and dunes and then the hills and beach are just a constant slope.

new island - shaded polys
Shaded Island

new island - wireframe
Wireframe Island

I also noticed that when I ran the program in debug mode I got about 60 frames per second, however, in release mode that number increased to 300 frames per second. Strange no?

I suppose the next step will be to implement either a sky box and a sea plane, or some basic textures, or some kind of collision detection so I can walk around on the island.

For the collision detection I might try using the bullet physics sdk, but there's no telling how difficult it will be to use that with Ogre yet