Friday, June 26, 2009

Debug Mode Really??

Minor amendment to the previous post - I was running in debug mode hence the poor fps, and when I switched to release the framerates jumped up to OSX levels (300 in space and about 80 at surface). I expect the framerates to be lower at the surface with all the texturing going on so I'm OK with it for now

Also, I've been viewing my profiling stats with Open Office and I have to say their charting tool is faster than Numbers, which I had been using on OSX. Not suprisingly, I'm seeing spikes when the terrain textures are created. To help with this I think I will implement a resource pool for the textures and try any other optimizations I can think of.

Lastly, I fixed the yellow/black stripe texture bug. Ogre displays that yellow/black texture when there is some kind of error with the texture you tell it to display. In my case I was asking Ogre to use a texture that I had destroyed when a mesh was cached and had not recreated when that mesh was reclaimed from the cache. In the future I should make sure to cache everything a mesh needs along with the mesh to optimize the speed of reclaiming from the cache - of course there is a speed/memory usage issue as always.

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