Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year With New Goals?

The end of last year was somewhat unproductive for me on the planet front.  I was looking back at my calendar today and see that I spent most of my time doing real life work and being a dad.  I also spent a lot of free time playing games too instead of making them.

The two things I did work on that were planet related were OGE and Spacescape.  I made the developer list for OGE, and I might be the only active developer for now, but I hope that changes soon.  I spent most of my OGE developer time working on the RakNet networking and Bullet physics systems and have been trying to get a minimal networking example working with a small player controlled spaceship, some exploding mines and a planet.  Let's just say that networking + physics debugging can be annoying and I had no idea that making a spaceship NOT have Newtonian physics in space would be so challenging! - more on that later, maybe.

Spacescape got some bug fixes and minor features and I added the CMake build system to ease the pain for new developers and for me each time I develop on a new machine, especially one with a different OS like OSX. I also got my first and only Spacescape donation woohoo! and a bunch of feature requests, support requests and compliments.

On the table for this year are:
- Finish the OGE networking space example
- Re-asses and tackle placing objects on planets (vegetation, buildings, players etc)
- Fix planet underwater shaders
- Add simple clouds to planets
- Make the networking space example into a small game
- Release the planet plugin source
- Port Spacescape to OSX
- Divide Spacescape into "basic" and "advanced" modes so it is loads easier to use for the casual user.

Other possibilities include:
- Use acko.net method for computing planet normal maps
- Figure out additional light maps so we can have lights on the dark side of the planet
- Re-asses how distance/scale is handled when approaching the limits.
- Form a team of like-minded individuals

Hope you have a great start to the new year!


qubodup said...

Hi I'm not sure how I found your blog but I'm an rss subscriber.

I was wondering whether or not you see RakNet's license as a problem, since its license is not compatible with the ones used by the other parts of OGE.

~Mezz said...

I like your work and will be following your efforts. I'm trying to do similar things but my skills aren't in programming like yours.

Keep going! And thank you for sharing your work, code, and ideas with us!

alex peterson said...

@qubodup The RakNet license could be a problem for developers who make over the $100k (it's something like that) amount on a game, but by the time that is a problem I'm sure OGE will have alternate networking plugins.

@~Mezz Thanks for your kind words!

Flex said...

I like where you are heading, I'm sort of going down the same lines also (as you know),so I'll have a look at this OGE and see if I can help with it also maybe.